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Google Ads Management

Get the best out of Google and captivate your target audience across the different platforms. Promotes your business on Google by paying money to display your content on the Internet. At SEMA Brands, we move you in front of targeted customers when they search for businesses like yours on Google.

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Why Google Ads.

Most Flexible Advertising Platform

Google Ads is the most flexible advertising platform. Google has created tools for managing ads effectively, and we help you comprehend the core value of advertising on Google and target your audience via a search term, browsing behaviour, as well as visitors who visited your website or your competitors’ websites.

Most Comprehensive Data Driven

Moreover, Google Ads has the most comprehensive data results. It gives a more complex and meaningful insight into campaigns and provides you with the necessary information to know how to improve your ads performance and set up beneficial strategies for your business.

Campaign Types

Google Search Network

When you advertise on the Google Search Network, your campaign can show near search results when someone searches with terms related to one of your chosen keywords. If you wonder what it means for your business, it means guaranteed conversions. We recommend investing in Google Search Network to see outstanding outcomes.

Google Display Network

Google Display Network allows you to set where or when your ad is showcased based on features of your target audience, such as their interests, preferences, age, or gender. Simply put, it means your campaign can be displayed on sites related to your business or to users who match the specific criteria that you have specified.

Google Shopping & Remarketing

When people leave your website without buying anything, Google Remarketing helps you reconnect with them by displaying relevant pay-per-click ads from your site across their devices. Website visitors whose re-targeted with display ads are 70% more likely to convert and three times more likely to click on your ad than people who haven’t interacted with your business before.

YouTube Video

Advertising on YouTube is one of the most powerful tools. It can help you reach potential customers when they watch or search for videos — and only pay when they show interest. YouTube Video Ads can significantly help you broaden the awareness of your business and its value to the community.

Our approach


Through monitoring, market objective, and analysis, we give recommendations about the most efficient strategy and the right budget for your campaigns to meet your expectations and turn your dreams into reality.

Setup your Ads

Not only do we advise on the chosen advertising and budget, we precisely analyze the target audience, relevant keywords, and trends in your niche to set up your ad account and work out strategies.


We continuously optimize your ad campaigns via A/B testing, ad tuning, bid management, and refined keywords to obtain the best performance and generate qualified leads, bringing traffic to your website at the same time.


We help you monitor the data to meet your standards and reach objectives. We generate monthly reports for performance reviews and business insights.

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Frequently asked questions


PPC stands for pay-per-click advertising. A PPC is any paid advertising campaign where the advertisers pay for each click on their ad, which could lead to website visits, app visits, phone calls, and more. PPC works at most if people click on your ads and they display them on the right side of any Google search result that can generate traffic. Paid ads appear when people search the relevant keywords. So, if you need more sales or leads through your website, there are very few ways as effective and fast as pay-per-click. However, with a pay-per-click ad, you're getting qualified traffic straight from your Google to your site right away. Having a PPC ad, businesses can easily promote current offers, discounts, products, and services.


Yes, absolutely. Google ads are worth the money because they provide a cost-efficient strategy for campaigning businesses of all sizes to reach the exact target audience. Google ads also allow you to focus on the people who are entirely searching for what offers they want, and Google ads help you analyze and improve your campaigns so you will gain more people and reach all of your goals straight away.


Your ads will appear directly in Google when the customer searches for a connecting keyword. You can also choose where do your ads appear on the website. There are different prices, and each one depends on the placement of your ads. You can also choose which country you would like your ads to appear exclusively, whether it could be overseas only or even city-based searches only


Google ads help you increase leads and customers, so if your campaigns are set up perfectly, it has the potential to send exceeding targeted and qualified leads to your website or any of your online property. Also, it is a flexible marketing platform suitable for all kinds and sizes of organizations. Google Ads is known for delivering quick, effortless results and reports of your campaigns.


Hiring a digital marketing agency like SEMA Brands for your Google ads campaign is essential because digital marketing agencies keep a close check on your competitors to help you grow. Having your Google ads campaign handled by experts, you will be at ease, unworried, and more focused on your business.


SEMA Brands specialized team will help you dig into your Google Ads account to recognize any budget misused or difficulties with the campaign formation. Also, our team would be glad to review your landing page or website and advise you on your requirements for better improvement.

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