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We Create Comprehensive Digital Strategies That Convert

Finding and keeping an audience is not an easy task. However, with our experience in digital marketing strategies, we can promise one thing – we will get you on the frontline of your target audience, connecting you to those who need your business most. We do understand the importance of competition in your niche and we, therefore, do everything in our hands to make your brand stand out.

SEMA’s clients enjoy working with us because we find creative and unique approaches and provide outstanding results — that is, we make sure the work we do helps them blossom throughout the way.

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Yousef M. T.

Managing Director


Mohammad M. T.

Business Development Director


Haneen Hussein

Head of Operations


Shellah Cantuba

Head of Sales

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Our work becomes telling of our passion. And that steers us to become forward-thinking in our work. These does not contribute to our occasional passive-aggressive behaviour, doe.


We breathe life into big ideas. We give insight through strategy. We make designs clever through intuition and foresight. We make copy witty and purposeful. We drive impact by leveraging technology.

Continuous Improvement

Nothing ever stays the same in our platform. Things just keep getting better everyday.

Qualities of a Good
Digital Marketing Agency

Outstanding Team

Successful Digital Marketing Agencies are composed of experts in various fields, including Social Media Marketing, Web design and Programming, Google Ads, Sales, Branding & Design, and many more. Behind their success is an outstanding group of people which SEMA brands have.


Creativity is one of the keys to thriving originality. It can also create a great connection between the brand and the audience. Every business owner wants a trendsetter, who uses innovative thinking in your website design and social media campaigns.


It is one of the best qualities we most value in a good agency. A great partnership should have an open and honest communication. It is important to develop strong relationships with clients to reduce misunderstandings. Communication is essential to marketing because it brings everyone on the same page.

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We are a multidisciplinary creative agency at the crossroad of design, art and technology.

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